Price Match Guarantee

As a family-owned retail shop, we believe in the brands that we stock. We also try to follow our brands' pricing recommendations. However, there are times when we will offer promotions and/or sales that deviate from those recommendations, and we love doing that! 

There are also times when our brands offer sales and/or discounts/promotions that we are unaware of. For this reason, we have created our Price Match Guarantee. If any of our brands offer any of our stocked products at a discounted rate for any reason (new customer incentives, bundled deals, multi-buy offers, reduced RRP's, etc), Stork of Stamford will honour those prices. 

Please do let us know if our products are overpriced when compared to purchasing direct from a brand, because that is never our goal. We want to offer the most competitive pricing possible to our customers, and we are more than happy to match any deal those brands are offering!